I am self-employed full time. On the one hand I work as a hair & make up artist and on the other hand I am an "opportunity giver". Behind this opportunity is of course a company called Ringana.

Ringana is a family-run, ethical and sustainable company, with its headquarters, own research and production in Austria in Styria. Already for 25 years, vegan, sustainable and fresh products for daily use are produced there. 


The company has received several national and international awards for its ethical and sustainable approach, such as the Climate Protection Award, a Packaging Oscar, the European Business Award, where tens of thousands of companies have applied. The company has won the sustainability and ethics categories. 


You can optimally integrate this business opportunity into your current life: no matter if you are a student, a pensioner, a mother or if you are already an entrepreneur or own your own business. You can manage your time and work the way it fits into your life.


Do you also want to do...?


- to do something meaningful for yourself and the environment?

- to be surrounded by great people and to make people happy with effective products?

- to recommend sustainable, fresh and vegan daily care products with conviction?

- to be self-employed and yet not alone 

- to work in an inspiring and supportive team?

- be able to manage your own time and be your own boss?

- to be able to work from anywhere?

- to develop yourself personally?

- have no financial risk and still do your own thing?

- have no pressure of any minimum sales and minimum orders?

- have the chance to earn an unlimited income?

- be successful and support other people from your team to become successful?


Do you want to be part of my cool team and have a job that you enjoy so much that it won't feel like work to you?


Then feel free to contact me and I'll tell you more about this unbeatable opportunity to earn money in a fair and ethical way. If you want to know more about Ringana, press the button ;)

I am glad to meet you.