Are you looking for an empathic and professional stylist who will style and emotionally prepare you for your wedding according to your ideas and wishes? A stylist you can trust and with who you will feel safe and secure? At the same time you have the wish that your personality and beauty is emphasized and underlined by perfect makeup? If you answer these questions with a "Yes", I can say with a clear conscience that I am the right stylist for you! Should you feel nervous or tense on the day of your wedding, I promise you that we will get through this together and we will offer you the safety and joy that you need.


Your wedding should be the most beautiful day of your life. Probably as a young girl you have already thought about how you would like to get married. You imagined your future husband, your wedding dress, the wedding location and your bridal styling. I will help you to realize your dream, but of course only with the styling. The man of your dreams you have obviously already chosen for yourself ;)


Your wedding day will be a day full of feelings and emotions, a day full of living and love. Probably you have hired a photographer to capture all these special moments. You and your wedding guests will be excited to see these photos. But that is not all! Would you like to be able to say to yourself "Jesus!, did I look good?" Yes, I'm sure that's what you want!


I'm here for you, I'm open for all your wishes and I am sure I'll make you a super bride.


Procedure bridal styling:


The best way is to contact me by phone or write me a message. We will get to know each other and discuss the details. You are welcome to send me sample pictures of hairstyles and makeups that you prefer. This will give me a feeling of your taste.