You have a concrete project or you are looking forward to a special occasion and therefore search the internet for inspiration? Maybe you have even thought of a Hair & Make Up Artist who can support you?

Or you have a do-it-yourself mentality and therefore watched YouTube videos to learn new makeup techniques? My suggestion would be that I support you and together we can expand your skills.


Whether you want to make yourself pretty for your first date or you are looking for your dream man online and want a photo makeup for your profile picture. I would be happy to help you or give you - from woman to woman - tips for an adorable and stylish outfit. Are you invited to a party soon and just want to elegantly underline your personality and be remembered as a guest? Together we will find your day or evening makeup. You are carnival active and want to enhance your already great costume with specific makeup /styling? You will convince everywhere with my help, after you have told me about your ideas.


 If you agree with one of the following statements, you are at the right address and should contact me:


 "I know what looks good and pleases me, but when it comes to me I'm sometimes unimaginative"

"I lack the ideas to make more of myself"

 "It's about time to make more of me visually"

"I lack quality makeup products and for individual occasions they are simply too expensive for me"


Also I once started with an uneven eyeliner and questionable eye shadow!